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  • About Us

  • Reliable. Honest. Friendly. These are three of the words that our clients have used to describe our services and we definitely appreciate our reputation. We are one of the leading mortgage brokering agencies in the Eastern Melbourne suburban region – and as we cater to Donvale in specific, you won’t find a more tailored service anywhere else.

    We don’t cut corners and we will always strive to connect our clients to the cheapest and most affordable repayment plans out there. We’ve been in the business for years, working under the guidance of our head branch – Tundra Mortgages. In that time, we’ve developed a unique way to compare interest rates, get to grips with the cheapest solutions for our clients and we are even able to negotiate the fairest terms with lending companies on your behalf.

    As far as our success rate is concerned, we boast one of the highest in Melbourne and our customer satisfaction level is off the charts. We might offer similar services to our competitors, but we do so with a willingness to help and a reliability like no one else out there. One of the biggest concerns that we hear from our clients is related to how they are treated by other mortgage brokers out there.

    And what do we do about it?

    You might have noticed yourself that when you get in touch with a brokering agency, they get back to you in a way that makes you feel like you’re just another pay cheque that they’re waiting to receive. We will never treat you like a number; in fact as soon as you get in touch with us, you’ll be able to talk to a dedicated project manager that will take care of your enquiries and offer support and advice whenever you need them.

    Why not send us an email today to make an enquiry, or give our team a quick call using the number at the top of this page?